The All Father Paradox Review

51a9qFN9U-L._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_If you’re a writer and you are trying to create your next big novel, what topics do you approach? Romance, fantasy, mystery, or action? Well, if you are first-time author Ian Sharpe, you take the ambitious path and do something that hasn’t been done before. What if, the Christianization of the Norse never happened? How does this affect history and present-day life? In this alternate reality, you see the way history is shaped from different time periods beginning in 782 and spanning to 2017. The story is masterfully crafted from start to finish providing good pacing, while giving the reader just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Let me just say that I have not been as invested in a novel for a long time, until I opened The All Father Paradox. The structure of the story is unique, allowing you to explore this new universe called the Vikingverse. Due to the authenticity of the names, to the places and how the characters speak gives you the sensation that you are truly living in this new reality. Multiple timelines in novels can be tricky to execute because one story may be exciting, while the other story may be a little lackluster. However, each timeline is important and interesting, and keeps you engaged in each. You get the privilege to meet well written out characters like Churchwarden Michaels, Botulfr, Askr, Ellisif, Olaf, Trumba, and many more. He uses his well-written characters to tell us about the world, without stating blunt facts. Everything rolls out organically because the settings act as an additional character to the story. You can see just how different the Vikingverse is to reality by the tour you get to explore throughout the story in different years, with different characters and different locations.

I appreciate how the author sprinkles nuggets throughout his story to give you the scope of the world he has molded. For example, I took a quote that resonated with me due to the in-depth details that have been laid out across The All Father Paradox and what it means for this universe in future stories.

“They certainly predate the dragon fossils unearthed across Midgard.”

Everything you thought you knew about reality is flipped on its head in this story, and it is slowly revealed in a brilliant way. This sentence right here provides you with how this world has changed and gives you insight into what type of reality that has become. You can look at this sentence without context and realize that this story is larger than you may have realized. This is just one example of world-building that is used. Details like this gave me goosebumps because I started to feel tiny in this new world. You can sense that the author has a bigger overall picture in mind on what he wants to do with this new reality and that alone is exciting to see what stories will be told.

You are witnessing the birth of an original long running series. To put it metaphorically, The All Father Paradox resembles the Yggdrasil, and its branches extend with mythology and wonder into all the worlds. If you are a fan of Norse mythology or Viking history, I highly recommend this book! I am fully invested in the Vikingverse and very excited to see what is in store for the sequel. Once you flip open the cover, be prepared to jump into a foreign world where anything is possible.

The All Father Paradox receives the highest praises from Going Viking with 5 out of 5 shields!




Did you finish The All Father Paradox? Are you craving more of the Vikingverse? Maybe, you need to grab your sword and shield and raid the bookstore now to grab a copy. Have no fear, the link to purchase Ian Sharpe’s book and contact information is below:

Twitter: @vikingverse




Thank you once again to Outland Entertainment in providing me a review sample. Thank you to Ian Sharpe for The All Father Paradox.

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