Happy New Year!

As we end the year of 2018, I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for making Going Viking possible. The support and generosity I have received in this short time has been astonishing and truly appreciated. I have conversed with a lot of people who enjoy the history of the Vikings just as much as I do and have gained a few friends along with way. I really do enjoy communicating with all of you because it makes this that much more enjoyable. untitled1

After observing the phenomenon of the Vikings throughout our culture and seeing all the educational podcasts rise, I decided to create Going Viking this past August. The goal was to serve as a central point to connect everyone interested in the Vikings under an umbrella to create a friendly and engaging community. This may sound cliché, but as a united community we can gain so much more and share our knowledge to the world. Going Viking serves as a “one-stop shop” for all things relating to Vikings, whether it is podcasts, books, art, fiction, historical or media. In my mind, there is something for everyone, whatever your interests may be in. By sharing something related to the Vikings no matter the medium, it could resonate with a person to begin their own research of history and mythology. This can act as a “pay it forward” system for the Viking world by continually sharing information with each other. For example, as you may be aware, the History Channel’s Vikings TV show started my obsession with the Vikings. Ever since I began that show I have continued to conduct research and really dug into the history wanting to learn more. I have tried and will continue to try to consume everything I possibly can to increase my knowledge of this great time period in history. It is never too late to begin learning in life!

One of the main reasons why I wrote this post today was to give you somewhat of a direction of what 2019 will look like for Going Viking. I can only hope to continue to improve and expand on what I can offer for all of you. There are a few announcements in the works that will hopefully roll out soon that I am very excited to share with you. With that, I plan to have a couple surprises of my own to share. I don’t want to give anything away because you know life can interrupt things sometimes. I am also expecting my third child in late April, so if I am not as active as usual during that time, that will be the case. Or if I send out a very confusing message to you, that means I am probably on only a couple hours of sleep! My plan is to attend the Franklin Institute before March to engage in the exhibit of Vikings: Beyond the Legend. I will be providing a lot of pictures for this event. Improvements to the website will be made too and hopefully be in effect soon. As of right now, that is what’s on the agenda for 2019 and I will keep you updated on any changes. I would also appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have for Going Viking, as this is your community anyway. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know! I am always available to hear you out!

I would like to conclude this post with once again thanking everyone involved with our community these past few months. I want to give a personal shout out to people I have communicated with throughout this journey. If I happen to miss you, I am truly sorry and please don’t take it as me not noticing you! Every single one of you that are a part of our community is important for everyone involved.

Lee from Viking Age Podcast

Noah from the History of Vikings

Fjorn from Fjorn’s Hall

Siobhan Clark from Myth Legend & Lore Podcast and author of The Children of Midgard

Dan and Luke from Northern Myths Podcast

Ian Sharpe from Vikingverse and author of The All Father Paradox

Eric Schumacher author of Hakon’s Saga

Jeremiah from the Froggy Viking

Andy and John from the Saga Thing Podcast

Everyone at Viking Beard Company

Dr. Dayanna Knight from The Viking Coloring Book

Mary Anne Yarde author and founder of Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots

Everyone that follows Going Viking! Thank you all for your tweets, messages, likes, and retweets! Skål!


As a friendly reminder, Going Viking is on Instagram and Facebook as well if that suits your needs.

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