Vikings: Beyond the Legend Virtual Museum

This is a “virtual museum” of my visit to the Franklin Institute to see the Vikings: Beyond the Legend exhibit. I was able to take a lot of pictures (you may have seen some of them on the social media sites), but there is a lot more that I haven’t shown yet. I decided to compile all of my pictures now to one spot to create a convenient space for you to browse these wonderful artifacts. You will see a brief description below the picture. along with its location and approximate date. I hope you enjoy!

Jelling Stone

A replica display of the Jelling Stone that was erected around 965. This stone is often called “Denmark’s birth certificate.” The inscription on the stone proclaims King Harald Bluetooth’s baptism and the establishment of Christianity as the official religion of Denmark. It also displays Christ on the cross entangled with serpentine ropes.

Roskilde-6 Ship

A steel skeleton reconstructed to show what the Roskilde-6 looked like when it was built in 1025 CE. Only about a fourth of the original ship has survived. The planks that were recovered during the 1996-1997 excavation are wrapped up in plastic for preservation.

Eik Sande


A 32 foot Viking ship used to transport people and cargo was reconstructed using authentic materials and tools based on the remains of the original, built in 895 CE in Norway.

Full-Size Replica Viking Ship



20190127_132206_HDR (2)

Double edged swords, one with an inscription

Norway / Jutland, Denmark / Norway

850-1050 CE


Double edged swords

Norway / Måløv, Zealand, Denmark / Værebro Å, Denmark

800-950 CE


Three double edged swords

Tissø, Denmark

Greve, Zealand, Denmark

Sjørring, Thy, Denmark

750-950 CE


Battle axes

Broager, Denmark / Bjerup Mose, Zealand, Denmark

900-1000 CE


Battle axes

Broager, Denmark / Bjerup Mose, Zealand, Denmark

900-1000 CE


Spearhead with wings


750-950 CE

3 pieces: Spearheads, one ornamented

Torslev, Jutland, Denmark / Lovns, Jutland, Denmark / Højstrup, Zealand, Denmark

750-850 CE

More Artifacts


Shield bosses

Valbygård, Zealand, Denmark / Norway

750-1000 CE


Carved fragment from the Viking ship “Roskilde-6”

Roskilde Harbour, Denmark

1025 CE


Iron rivets used for fastening planks together

Brokjær, Denmark


Gilt copper alloy horse, terminal from weathervane

Lolland, Denmark

1000-1050 CE


Brooch shaped like a ship

Bornholm, Denmark

775-900 CE


Bronze vessel from burial mound

Møllemosegård, Fyn, Denmark

900-1000 CE


An oak bridge pillar from the longest bridge in Scandinavia during the Viking Age, Ravning Bridge. Built by Harald Bluetooth in 980 CE over Ravning Enge in Denmark.


A wooden harness bow with two fully moulded wolfhead terminals that most likely depicted Geri and Freke, the two wolves that accompanied Odin. The harness bow was worn on the back of a horse pulling carriage. It was found in a Danish burial chamber around 950-975 CE.


(Left) Silver fitting cast in the form of an armed woman, possibly a shield-maid or Valkyrie

Lolland, Denmark

(Middle) Gilded silver figurine with niello in shape of a female warrior or Valkyrie Hårby, Fyn, Denmark

800-900 CE

(Right) Silver with niello figurine, perhaps a Valkyrie

Revninge, Fyn, Denmark

850-950 CE


Staff is believed to have been used by a seeress or völva in her rituals

Fuldby, Denmark

9th-10th Century CE




Five finger rings of gold

Zealand, Bornholm and Jutland, Denmark


Arm-ring and silver ingots

Tolstrup, Jutland, Denmark

950-1000 CE




The bone on the bottom here was a handle, ornamented in Ringerlike style

Køge, Zealand, Denmark

1000-1050 CE


Bone comb

Föhr, Germany



Bridle, hooks, swivel and fittings of iron for a chest


This is the end of the “virtual museum.” I hope you enjoyed what you saw and maybe even learned a thing or two. The last day to enjoy this exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is Sunday, March 3, 2019. If you can, experience this exhibit in person!

The Vikings: Beyond the Legend comes to the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Canada next starting on April 18, 2019!




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