March Madness: Vikings

bracketThe most ambitious crossover yet featuring Lee Accomando from the Viking Age Podcast and Steven Dunn from Fjorn’s Hall. March Madness is upon us, but this time it includes Vikings! We have created a field of 64 people from the Viking Age in the sagas and other resources, and implemented them in a tournament style of play. In this episode, we give you the winners of each round based on their accomplishments, legacy, impact and other features to determine the ultimate King of the Vikings.



00:04:30 – Norway Region, First Round

00:23:43 – Iceland Region, First Round

00:58:56 – Denmark Region, First Round

01:37:55 – England Region, First Round

02:20:00 – Second Round

02:25:28 – Sweet 16

02:28:24 – Elite 8

02:30:36 – Final Four

02:35:05 – Championship

For any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to email me at or find me on social media at:

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You can find Fjorn’s Hall on:

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The drinking horn prize is provided by The Froggy Viking. Find them on:

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  • Instagram: @thefroggyviking
  • Website:

Music Credits:

  • Intro/Outro Music: “Vikings Are Coming” by

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