Journey Through the Norse Lands

In celebration of God of War’s one year anniversary this week, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite video games of all-time. After releasing on April 20, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, God of War has made it’s mark in the gaming industry with over 190 Game of the Year awards worldwide. From superb narrative storytelling, to the incredible graphics, the phenomenal acting, the fun combat system and gameplay, along with a remarkable soundtrack, God of War has the complete package. This is truly one of the best video games of our generation and in history. Not to mention that it resonated with myself because it is held in the realm of Norse mythology and focuses on a journey with a father and his son.

If you haven’t had a chance to play this game, I wanted to give you a taste of the characters, setting, and pieces that created this world. Below, you can take a Journey Through the Norse Lands with me as I provide in-game photos that I have captured with Photo Mode from my time with God of War. Most of the photos will be relevant toward Norse mythology as you will see gods, Valkyries, dragons, the Midgard Serpent, different realms, creatures and more!

At the end of our journey here, check out where you can find more God of War information. As well as a link to the novelization, a short series podcast, the newly announced card game releasing this year and details on the week-long celebration of God of War’s one year anniversary.

“Get in the boat boy.” -Kratos


God of War_20190418015758
The home of Kratos
God of War_20190316135718
Thor Statue

God of War_20190418011951

God of War_20190418011447

God of War_20190418022943


God of War_20190417124523
Into the belly of the beast
God of War_20190316135937
Tyr’s Temple

God of War_20190418030418

God of War_20180721010106


God of War_20190418020100
God of War_20190417124901
Baldur (Left), Kratos (Right)
God of War_20190316135821
In Hel
God of War_20190101142215
Here lies Magni, son of Thor. This can’t be good…
God of War_20190418025328
God of War_20190418025724
Freya with Hildisvíni


God of War_20190418003046
God of War_20190418010411
God of War_20190418012835
God of War_20190418013857


God of War_20190316140310

God of War_20190417124808
What happened to the Giants?



God of War_20181228004953

God of War_20190418005900

God of War_20190418005809

God of War_20190418005645


God of War_20181228005135
Walking among the dead
God of War_20180729132727
Bridge Keeper


God of War_20190418002443

God of War_20190418002904


God of War_20190418004111

God of War_20190418005113

God of War_20190418004640
Be careful of the Cursed Mist


God of War_20190417124949
Dragon vs Kratos
God of War_20181228005043
The dragon is slayed
God of War_20190418001256


God of War_20190418024449
Brenna Daudi
God of War_20190418015250
Daudi Kaupmadr
God of War_20190418011848
Death Eater


God of War_20190418015615
God of War_20190418013806
God of War_20190418004814
Dark Elf


God of War_20190418022300
Trade Grounds
God of War_20190418021829
Welcome Jötnar
God of War_20190418024246


God of War_20190418002249

God of War_20190107002327


God of War_20190418001421
God of War_20190418003945
God of War_20190418011239
God of War_20190417124720
Found in Odin’s Library
God of War_20190418023445
Odin is watching…
God of War_20190417125109
A window to Vanaheim
God of War_20190316140153
Ragnarök is coming…

For more God of War information, go to:

On social media, follow:

Twitter: @SonySantaMonica – Studio and @corybarlog – Director

Facebook: @santamonicastudio

Instagram: @santamonicastudio

Not much of a gamer? You can read the official novelization of God of War written by J.M. Barlog. It is also available as an audiobook narrated by Mimir himself, Alastair Duncan.

Buy it on Amazon HERE


Listen to The Lost Pages of Norse Myth podcast on YouTube and anywhere else you get your podcasts from.




God of War: The Card Game releases later this year as you take on the role of the Norns using different combinations of heroes and events in order to stop Ragnarök.

More information can be found HERE1

As a thank you to the fans from Santa Monica Studio, they have begun a week-long celebration of their one year anniversary. You can grab a FREE PlayStation 4 theme and avatars on the PlayStation store (even if you don’t have the game).


Happy Anniversary God of War!

THANK YOU to Santa Monica Studio and everyone on the God of War team for the creation of this incredible game and the consistent interaction with your fans!

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