About the Chieftain

Greetings fellow Viking enthusiasts! My name is Kevin McAllister and I am the creator of Going Viking. I am a husband and a father of three. I contain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Network and Security from Wilmington University, but I enjoy learning about the Viking Age and engaging in historical conversation about this time period.

Researching the Vikings and Norse mythology is an interest and a hobby. I began my Viking obsession from the History Channel’s TV show, Vikings. From there, I wanted to know the real facts and evidence associated with the Vikings. I began to research through books, podcasts, scholarly articles and anything I could consume to expand my knowledge. Still, I continue to learn everyday and I enjoy doing so! Also, I consider this a space to consume everything and anything about Vikings including video games, comics, books, TV and more.

In addition to my huge interest in this incredible time of history, I decided to create Going Viking to contribute and help out people that were already established through podcasts, blogs, art and other forms of work. By creating this community (as I like to call it) my goal is for more people to learn and share their passion for the Vikings just like I have! Skál!


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