Our Community

Our Community

Here you will find our network of Viking related content to connect our community together. There are plenty of people that form our community and unfortunately I couldn’t list everyone. However, each person below provides something unique and interesting to share that spreads their love about Viking Age history and mythology.


A podcast by Lee Accomando documenting the stories of the men and women history knows, for better or worse, as the Vikings.

Twitter: @VikingAgePod

Facebook: Viking Age Podcast

Email: lee@vikingagepodcast.com


A podcast & YouTube channel dedicated to all things Viking! Join Noah Tetzner in rediscovering Norse history, folklore, mythology, and so much more!

Twitter: @HistoryofViking

YouTube: The History of Vikings

Email: noahtetzner@gmail.com


A small business owned by Jeremiah that sells Viking drinking horns and Norse Jewelry.

Twitter: @thefroggyviking

Instagram: thefroggyviking

Facebook: @thefroggyviking

Use code GOINGVIKING to receive 10% off any order!

northern myths

An archetypal exploration of Norse Mythology and other myths and legends of Northern Europe from Dan and Luke.

Twitter: @NorthernMyths

Instagram: northernmythspodcast

Facebook/YouTube: Northern Myths Podcast


A blog and podcast about Norse history, literature, and lore, featuring plenty of Vikings, rowdy Icelanders, and epic sagas by Fjorn the Skald.

Twitter: @Fjorn_the_Skald

Instagram: fjorn_the_skald

Facebook: Fjorn’s Hall


A podcast that puts the sagas of the Icelanders on trial brought to you by Andy and John.

Twitter: @SagaThingPod

Facebook: Saga Thing Podcast


What if an ancient god escaped his fate…and history was thrown to the wolves? Ian Sharpe has written Book One: The All Father Paradox.

Twitter: @vikingverse

Facebook: vikingverse

Instagram: vikingverse


A podcast looking at mythology, legend and folklore from author Siobhan Clark, who wrote Children of Midgard.

Twitter: @LoreMyth and @siobhancoda

Facebook: @MythLegendLore


Premium 100% natural beard care products handmade in the Viking city of Jorvik.

Twitter: @Viking_Beard_Co

Facebook: @vikingbeardcompany

Use code goingviking to receive 15% off any order!


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